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The result of interconnection between art and photography can be amazing. There are photos that were made in past centuries and there are digital photos that turned to ‘old style’ with help of technologies. If you really interesting about influence of art on photography and if you eager to analyze true relationships between them then you’re welcome to Free e-books from our collections reveal knowledge from famous researches and experienced professionals.

You will find in free books vivid narration illustrated with black and white photos. This way you will be able to explore art with your own eyes. There are photo stories of long trips to Egypt, Nubia, Palestine, Syria etc. Unique archives will introduce to reader new methods of interpreting vintage photography.

You can download free ebooks in PDF form and print images out. Wide choice will appeal to a variety of readers. Early travel photos from the pioneers of the late nineteenth century bring you to beautiful islands, show vernacular architecture, and help to understand dignity of people from other places.

While studying old photos you can pass through history and take in note details that are peculiar vintage style images. It might be useful experience for creating new look of digital photos. Vintage style is quite popular now among modern photographers. Free manuals in our online library have step-by-step guides how to ‘age’ ordinary photo with help of Photoshop or in reality with hands. Make frames at home or draw them in computer.

Don’t stop and get new information about vintage art from vintage sissy art collection. Share your ideas with friends - send them pictures and negotiate together new achievements and opinions. All albums are easy to scroll and fast to save. Remember, that you always have variety of sources in our library. Only here reader can find editions dated 1850 year together with absolutely new publications.

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